Our Associate Trainers

 Using a metaphor as a can of baked beans…
Have you wondered who are the People Behind the beans ?

Who bakes the baked beans? Where do baked beans come from?
Who decides on what beans to use?
Who designs the can that holds the baked beans?

We realise that we’ve only ever focused on eating the beans
and not given much thought to the people behind the humble can of beans?

So, who are they ?

Well, look no more… Click on the link to find out who these people are behind the success of every programme.

Our Associate Trainers :

Dr. Lim Peng Soon

Dr. Low Guat Tin

Mr Augustine Tan

Mr Low Sau Bing

Mr Phoon Kok Hwa

Mr Tan Hong Wee

Ms Chua Bee Choo

Ms Elaine Goh

Ms Audrey Lai

Ms Kay M. Nalla

Mr Chen Shian Jan Erwin