Ms Chua Bee Choo

Ms Chua Bee Choo has over 20 years of working experience in the civil service and the private sectors.

Her areas of training are in Customer Service, WITS/IQC, Emotional Intelligence in Customer Service, Managing Staff for Service Excellence, Working Effectively with People, Dealing with Difficult People and Time Management.

Ms Chua’s experiences in the above areas of training come from her years of working and dealing with people from the different industries she worked in.

Her forte is in Customer Service where her previous work experience as a Consumer Relations Officer to Quality Service Manager had given her practical experiences in dealing with customers at the counters and call centres to developing and implementing customer service policies and initiatives; such as setting service standards, conduct service audits, evaluating performance and implementing the integrated rewards system for the organisations.

Ms Chua has, over the past 11 years trained thousands of staff from different industries and levels: including office attendants, clerks, supervisors, executives, managers, teachers, lecturers, police officers, assistant directors, and principals.

She holds a Master of Education in Training and Development with the University of Sheffield, Bachelor of Arts (Upp Hons), Diploma in HRD, Diploma in Customer Service (USA) and the Associate Diploma in Public Speaking (LCM). She is also a Certified Trainer for Disc Profiling System, Certified Trainer for the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Certified Six Seconds Level 1 Associate EQ Trainer. She has also attained ACTA certification awarded by WDA.