Communication Courses


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1. Writing For Effective Communication

2. Effective Presentation Skills

3. Business Grammar Course 

4. Writing Effective Emails

5. Writing Minutes of Meetings

6. Standard English or Singlish for the Workplace

7. Writing Winning Reports

8. Telephone Techniques and Handling Difficult Callers

9. How to Give and Receive Feedback with Purpose, Grace and Dignity

10. Business Class Series – Effectiveness At The Table    <Public Run Classes available>



Singapore Blunder:
Got so many car here!
Standard English:
There are so many cars here!  

Singapore Blunder:
I cannot ownself do.
Standard English:
I can’t do this myself.

In the course of our work, we have made reference to our supplementary readings or reading resources from The Speak Good English Movement (SGEM).

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