Writing Effective Emails

Workshop Leader: Ms Audrey Lai

Target Audience
– Division 2 & 3 Officers or Executive, Junior Executive & Support Staff.
– Suitable for those who need to write emails frequently so as to make a positive impression on the recipient.

Course Objectives
This programme is designed to help officers understand the need to write and structure information in emails in much the same way as letters and memos.

Course Duration
1 day (8 hours), 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Course Content
Do you often encounter situations where it is difficult to express your ideas on a computer screen?  Are your emails excessively long, full of jargon and difficult to comprehend?  Are your emails written the way that your readers can read and understand quickly?

In this 1-day workshop, Ms Audrey Lai will share tips and strategies to equip you with the competencies and strategies to craft cogent messages for effective communication and professional image.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Use the correct format
  • Present information a reader-centric manner
  • Write clear and concise emails to project a professional image
  • Apply email writing etiquette

Course Outline

Formatting workplace email and letter correspondence

Using a reader-centric approach

  • Reader analysis
  • Subject line

Organising contents with paragraphs, listing, tables and sub-headings

Using correct language and appropriate tone

  • Formal and informal style
  • Plain English for clear communication
  • Concise messages
  • Positive words

Reviewing email netiquette