Interpersonal Courses


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1.  A N.E.W Approach to Estate Planning

2. Career Transition for Mid-Career Professionals 

3. HeART and ART of Successful Career

4. HeART and ART of Building Strong Interpersonal Relationships at Work

5. Plan Now for Retirement with Less Fears

6.  Sharpening Your People Skills with D.I.S.C

7.  The HeART of Delightful Customer Service

8.  The Language Every Body Speaks  <Public Run Classes Available>

9.  Why We Do What We Do

10. How To Manage Our Time Wisely

11. Effective Stress Management

12. Social Etiquette Skills (Part 1)   <Public Run Classes Available>

13. Social Etiquette Skills (Part 2) <Public Run Classes Available> 

14. IT Courses: We offer IT related workshops and it is conducted on a customized approach with clients. Please contact us at 98311020 for more details on design and customization of content and delivery.  Thank you.