Sharpening Your People Skills with D.I.S.C

Target Audience
– Division 1 or 2 Officers or Executive, Junior Executive & Support Staff.

Course Objectives
At the end of this programme, you would be able to :
1.  Understand what makes you tick, and what ticks you off. (D.I.S.C)
2.  Sharpen your perceptions of others’ behavioural and communication style, and appreciate them as unique individuals.
3.  Acquire insights into individuals’ needs, and learn how to meet them appropriately.
4.  Learn how to communicate effectively with others.
5.  Discern how various individuals are motivated.
6.  Identify the fears of others and responding positively.
7.  Develop lifelong skills of relating to more difficult people.
8.  Highlight strengths and contributions of individuals
9.  Appreciate differences and minimise tension in relationships.
10. Enhance leadership and motivation skills.

Course Duration
2 days (16 hours), 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Course Content
Each participant will complete an ORIGINAL DISC personality profile inventory and identify his/her individual profile.

– Intra-Personal Skills – Know Yourself
– Inter-personal Skills – Understand and Appreciate others
– Action steps to apply D.I.S.C
> Think it – Reflect on lessons learned
> In it – Record their applications
> Team it – Rally support for action
> Just do it – Resolve to apply.

Training Methodology
This workshop is best conducted in small groups of  participants using “proximity contagion” experiential learning methodology. Participants will be emotionally inspired and intellectually challenged through a series of interactive, engaging and fun activities. A balanced use of group interaction, individual exercises, case studies, role plays, presentations and mini lectures. Group participation, sharing and specific applications are emphasised. This session will help motivate the participants to discover useful and practical skills which they can apply right away.