The Language Every Body Speaks

This course is open for Public Run Classes

What is Your Body Language Saying and how to read others like a book?

Target Audience
– Division 2& 3 Officers, Executives or Junior Executives.

Course Objectives

At the end of the programme, you would be able to:
– Understand the dynamics of body language
– Interpret the feelings and intentions of others
– Become a better communicator if you could use body language to read people like
a book!

Course Duration
1 day (8 hours), 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Public Run Class Dates: 

Dates to be confirmed

Course Fees: $265 per pax

Village Hotel Bugis, Singapore
390 Victoria Street, Singapore 188061


Course Content
In today’s competitive business environment, striking and maintaining a positive first impression is critical to your success. A key ingredient in that impression is your body language. Your body doesn’t know how to lie. Unconsciously, your body telegraphs your thoughts as you fold your arms, cross your legs, stand, walk, move your eyes and mouth. These not only indicate your mood and personality, but also reveal your level of self-esteem. The more you appear to be in charge, the more people approve of you. By creating habits of positive body language you can control how others perceive and respond to you.


  1. What is body language?
  2. Mixed Messages
  3. Positive Body Language
  4. Negative Body Language
  5. Inner Body Language
  6. Mirroring For Rapport
  7. Handshakes and appropriate body language
  8. Eye Contact
  9. Posture, stance, kinesics and proxemics
  10. Smiles
  11. Seating
  12. Space
  13. Understanding the Body Language of Others