Why We Do What We Do

Programme Synopsis

There is a need for us to know why we do what we do. Knowing what and how to do our work is not a problem with most of us, but many do not know “WHY” they do it. Why is about a reason, a purpose, a meaning for our actions. In whatever jobs we are in, we need to know WHY we are doing it.

Finding meaning in our life, including meaning in our work is a basic human need. When we can see meaning in what we do, life becomes more purposeful. When organizations know why they exist, they have gone from Good to Great because they have great clarity of their vision and mission–the reason why they exist.   When individuals in an organization know why they do what they do, and when this mission aligns with the organization’s mission, they can then recognize it and be motivated.

Target Audience
– Division 2 & 3 Officers or Executive, Junior Executive & Support Staff.
– For New Educators, New managers, Senior Managers
– Anyone who wants to be motivationally inspired.

Course Objectives
This interactive workshop will help participants to :
– find meaning in our life, including meaning in our work
– recognize and strengthen a sense of purpose, identity and belonging with the organization

Course Duration
 days (8 hours), 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Course Content

  • Looking at things with different eyes, at a very different perspective
  • Forging a sense of purpose and meaning in their work
  • Building effective team work from good to great
  • Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on the work they do, listen to the stories of others presented by the facilitator and be encouraged and inspired.

    Get Inspired! Watch a short clip on Dr. Low Guat Tin In Action!