3 Phase Leadership Development Program

A integrated 3-module program to for “Better Leaders, Better Teams, Better Results” .

Target Audience
– HODs and Supervisors

Course Objectives
Successful companies know that the abilities of their employees, especially managers, are a crucial source of competitive advantage. Maximizing this asset requires a deeper understanding of leadership competencies and strategies to assess and develop them.

The leadership development program comprises 3 modules:

  1. Team development
  2. Leadership development
  3. Change management

Each module lasts 2 days, and they can be taken in sequence or as stand-alone modules. The program design allows for flexibility to suit the participants’ needs and schedules. There is a 3-month break between the modules to enable participants to apply the processes and skills to their workplace situation.

The entire 3-module leadership development program will enable participants to:

  • Gain a greater self-awareness in terms of their personality preferences, leadership styles, and change management styles and how these impact inter-personal relationships and communication at the workplace
  • Create an environment that allows for feedback and continuous dialog back at the workplace in collaborative and open manner
  • Develop better teams for better results
  • Manage change better in the organization
  • Embark on a personal leadership development plan.

Course Duration
6 days (48 hours), 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Course Fees
Please call the our Course manager at 98311020 for programme fees.
The program fees includes all instruments fees and a softcopy of the participant’s materials for reproduction purposes.
(Inclusive of 2 tea-breaks and 1 lunch per day.)
Program Distinctives
The 3-module leadership development program offers the following unique learning features :

  • The program contents and approach are linked to the company’s business goals.
  • There will be opportunities for participants to practice the skills in class.
  • The program design enables participants to apply the processes and skills learnt in the classroom to a real workplace challenge, issue or situation.
  • The program design is based on 3 core learning pillars – the concepts, skills and processes must be simple, practical and based on good research.

Training Methodology
We subscribe to three core adult learning methodologies:

Experiential learning
– a process where the participant constructs knowledge, skills and values from direct experiences. This philosophy is based on the belief that adults learn best by direct and purposeful contact with their learning experiences. It is interactive and encourages learners to discover knowledge rather than be informed. Such learning experiences are realistic – physically active, cognitively meaningful and effectively engaging. The training methodologies that will be used in the program include case studies, purposeful conversations, and challenging games and simulations.

Adult learning principles – which allow the participants to engage in personal reflection and group sharing, in order to facilitate learning. These sessions implement the experiential aspect of learning by linking the participants’ experiences to workplace.

Proven and researched instruments and frameworks – which provide the over-arching framework to lend a high degree of coherence and rigor to the program design to impact business performance.

Program framework –
Skills Explorer Leadership Development Program

Company’s Business Goals

Module 1Teams 3 mths later Module 2Leadership 3 mths later Module 3Change management
Skills Developing and sustaining high team performance 10 competences of transformational leadership Change management and transition management skills


Instrument Personality Style Inventory Transformational leadership profile Change style inventory
Key tools and processes
  • Visual Explorer
  • Action learning
  • Visual Explorer
  • Action learning
  • Café conversations
  • Visual Explorer
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • 6 factors of influence
Application to the workplace (Individual project) Work on action learning project Lead an action learning project (Team ownership) Make change happen through an action learning project (Individual and team ownership)
Follow up Presentation of action learning project to the boss, and cc to HR. Presentation of action learning project to the boss, and cc to HR. Presentation of action learning project to the boss, and cc to HR.