Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Target Audience
– Division 1 Officers or Senior Executives.
– For middle management Executives, Supervisors, Managers, and ANYONE who
desire to enhance their professional effectiveness in working with people.

Course Objectives
At the end of this programme, you would be able to :

  • Understand the principles, power and practical applications of EQ in leadership.
  • Have an increased emotional self-awareness and manage emotions appropriately.
  • Harness the power of emotions to motivate themselves and others to achieve more success.
  • Manage change and work stresses better with EQ
  • Increase their empathy towards others, and manage and motivate staff effectively
  • Anticipate, recognise and meet other’s needs by increasing their sensitivity to emotional cues
  • Build positive emotional bank accounts to enhance relationships.
  • Communicate effectively with emotional intelligence.
  • Establish rapport and building bonds with Emotional Intelligence.
  • Apply EQ skills in leadership responsibilities.

Course Duration
2 days (16 hours), 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Course Content
This workshop creates awareness of the significance of Emotional Intelligence in one’s personal and professional life.  The participants will learn how to apply emotional Intelligence competencies for enhanced self management and empowered leadership.

Principles and Power of Emotional Intelligence.
– Power of Emotional Intelligence Exemplified – case studies of  usefulness of Emotional Intelligence.
– Principles of Emotional  Intelligence Explained – science of Emotional Intelligence.

Personal Emotional Competence – Intrapersonal EQ.
– Developing emotional awareness – know what makes people tick.
– Understanding expressions and effects of emotion.
– Identifying your personal EQ behaviour – maximizing your strength.
– Managing your emotions appropriately to achieve a desired outcome.
– Strategising to manage anger, stress and pressure.

Professional Emotional Competence –  Interpersonal EQ.
– Reading and relating to different behavioural styles.
– Establishing rapport and deepening bonds with others.
– Motivating and empowering others for better performance.
– Influencing the head and moving the heart of others.
– Communicating effectively on 3 critical levels.
– Asking the right questions.
– Giving and receiving constructive feedback with EQ.
– Building a positive and empowering work environment.

Developing a personal action plan to enhance EQ in professional life.

Training Methodology

This workshop will be conducted in small groups using “proximity contagion” experiential learning methodology. Participants will be emotionally inspired and intellectually challenged through a series of interactive, engaging and fun activities. A balanced use of group interaction, individual exercises, case studies, role plays, presentations and mini lectures. Group participation, sharing and specific applications are emphasised.