The Power of Systems Thinking

Target Audience

This workshop is highly relevant for :
– Division 1 and 2 Officers in the Civil Service
– For Educators, New managers, Senior Managers
– Suitable for those who deals with complex issues and faces with multiple factors and perspectives.


The discipline of Systems Thinking is the art and science of understanding and tackling complexity. So when do we use Systems Thinking? Today’s organisations usually face issues that are multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary. One soon realises that these issues are inter-related – today’s customer service problem is linked to yesterday’s administration processes, to last month’s sales promises and to last year’s R&D efforts.  To this end, the Systems Thinking workshop worked towards greater applicability. Through real case study, the participants learnt how to apply Systems Thinking with a particular slant on problem solving. The benefits are endless.

Benefits of the Programme
In this workshop, the facilitator provides the basic structure for an introduction to Systems Thinking.
With this, you will be armed with a concept, a methodology and a suite of tools to tackle complex problems, and to create effective solutions.

Participants will reap the following benefits:
– Collective sense-making of the situation
– Identifying the core and relevant problem
– ‘Big picture’ view of the internal and external factors
– Takes a dynamic approach, instead of linear, static views
– Provides a map of reality, from which strategy and action can be planned

Course Duration
2 Days (16 hours), 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Public run dates
To be confirmed.

Course Content

Introduction to Systems Thinking
– What is Systems thinking?
– Nature of Complexity

Systems Thinking Fundamentals
– The Basics – What is a system?
-Systems Thinking in Actions

Creating Effective Strategies
–  Creating a vision
– Vision Deployment
– Strategy creation – Key Success Loop
– Identifying High Leverage in action

 Mental Models
– ABCs of Identifying mental Models
– Typical mental models that exists  (Peter Senge’s 7th Organisational Learning disabilities)

Training Methodology
The workshop will be conducted using lectures, case studies, exercises games and videos.

For more details on the workshop, please refer to the flyer on Systems Thinking Workshop by Tan Hong Wee